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Update!! (13 September 2001) Please try my new custom platoon (platoon 6), found on the downloads page . 2 OSS Agents are now yours permanently!

Soldiers at War: Mission Walkthroughs

1) Kasserine Pass
If you want to end this mission quickly, call in mortar fire on the German
spotting team located at the top of the hill. You might get lucky and take them
all out. Beware of the sniper on the balcony of the tall building in the center
of the map. Make sure you break into the storehouse behind the tall building
and get the Italian machine gun - it's a great weapon to have early in the
campaign. Get the M1E7 sniper rifle from the dead American soldier at the foot
of the hill, as well as any submachine guns (Find the MAB and MP35).

( The M1E7 is the top semi-automatic weapon in the game, and the most
accurate of all of the weapons-- you will find several others in the campaign--
keep them until you find German MP 43's, the most versatile and portable automatics
with good accuracy and good power)!

2) Maltese
Advance your squad down the alley behind the buildings on the bottom of the
map. Secure the building that overlooks the minefield, and position a sniper at
the door. Beware of the Italian sniper in this building - he's tricky to take
out. If you forgot to bring in a mine sweeper you can find one in the weapons
cache in this building. After securing the building, position a riflemen at the
door - open the door, shoot whatever you can see and close the door. Use the
low wall to advance up the street. Secure the large building in the center of
the map and use the door as cover to fire on the enemies at the observation
post. Once the coast is clear, advance a soldier with the minesweeper down on
the beach. He will need to deactivate the mines. Their position can be detected
due to their lighter coloring.

(You will find many Fucile rifles in this mission, if you search. In my opinion,
these are not worth picking up and keeping, in spite of the excellent description
given in the online weapons encyclopedia. The Fucile rifles have a great accuracy,
but they do not have enough power to be effective for a single crucial sniper shot.
In contrast, the already-mentioned M1E7 sniper rifles are more accurate, more powerful,
and are semi-automatic rifles, rather than the slower bolt-action rifles (such as Fuciles).
The 8-shot Springfield clip of the M1E7 is also an advantage over the 6-shot Carcano
clip that is used by the Fucile rifle.)

(Another controversial opinion: I rarely pick up heavy machine guns , in spite of their
power and quickness of fire. I find them too bulky and awkward to set up and take down.
This wastes very many action points. Whereas others recommend that you use heavy machine
guns, I advise you not to bother using these at all-- the submachine guns are nearly as
powerful and useful, and fully portable, most importantly. Heavy machine guns are only
effective as defensive weapons to mow down advancing troops. In most missions, you are
on the offensive, rather than the defensive, and the large machine guns don't fit these
situations well.)

3) Messina
Move your squad into the large building in the center of the map. Advance
through the building and use the vineyard as cover. You can use the door which
exits into the vineyard as cover - open the door, fire, and close the door.
Repeat as necessary. Secure the tank, and be careful of the Italians in the
radio shack. They will shoot at you out of the windows and take you out as you
approach. Be careful of the enemy officer in the top floor of the building
where the hostage is held. He is very handy with a pistol and will blaze away
at you from the open windows. Rescue the American prisoner and blow up the radio
tower with a bazooka or satchel charge. Watch for reinforcements who appear
at the edge of the roads.

4) Monte Cassino
This one is large with a lot of enemies. Make sure one of your guys brings a
satchel charge and a radio. During the first turn you should call in an
artillery strike on the German guns. This will take out the guns and the
soldiers near it. If not, use the satchel charge to finish the job. Be careful
about running into the monastery through the front gate - you'll get sprayed
with 9mm rounds. Enter the building through the hole in the wall near the guns,
or use smoke grenades to cover your advance through the main gate. Be careful
in the first round - bad guys pour out of the monastery. Once you're inside the
monastery, use the walls and doors for cover. In this mission you have to
eliminate or incapacitate all enemies, so check your areas carefully. Don't
forget to scout behind the monastery. When in doubt, wait-- the enemy will
come to you, especially in the church and catacombs. Grab as many MP 43's, MP 40's,
and 1928 Thompsons as you can!

( A special note about the 1928 Thompson submachine gun: this is a great weapon,
in spite of its description-- you would guess that it is an inaccurate and not very
useful. Not at all! Yes, its damage is light, but it has one of the quickest rates
of fire of all the guns, which more than compensates for its statistical inaccuracy...
but, using statistics, you can say that quantity makes up for quality! You might also
keep in mind that you usually don't, if ever, need to carry any extra clips of ammo,
since you automatically get 100 shots at the start of every mission, which would equal
about 10 bursts of 10 shells (or more bursts, depending on how many are fired off with
each turn). No reloading equals no wasted action points! Another plus: just about any
idiot can use this gun effectively, since any given soldier is not really aiming,
but just scattering many shells within a general area-- skill is an more of an option.)

AMBUSH MISSION #1: Assaulting up the middle is not advisable in this scenario.
At the beginning of the scenario set up behind the stone wall and take on all
reinforcements. Then skirt the town on the west side opposite of the aqueduct.
Get the BAR A2 rifle in the narrow building which looks like a stable.

5) Anzio
Do not forget your radio for this mission! First, rescue the hostages
in the building to which you are adjacent. Next, you have
to advance across the large open area to the cathedral. You can use the park--
be careful because it has mines and German armor in it. Use the rocks in
the park as cover when you advance. Secure the armor with concussion grenades
or your bazooka, or, better yet, wait and use your mortar and artillery support!
Be careful of snipers-- they are in the cathedral tower and on top of
some of the buildings toward the rear of the map. There is also a nest of
Italian soldiers behind the row of buildings at the top of the map.

6) Normandy
Make sure that you bring satchel charges with you (however, if you forget,
you will find two in the canister of the first wooden building). Be careful about advancing
through the woods - it's best to retreat along the rear of the map, and advance
on the railroad tracks towards the gatehouses. Use smoke when moving across the
open terrain. Once there, use the large building in the center of the map as
cover to advance to the middle of the map. Place the satchel charges on the
bridge and detonate them after seeing the hint message. (You only need one 10-lb. charge
if you place it between the two sets of railroad tracks!)

7) Compound
Use your 2 spies effectively. Before bringing your guys into combat, take one
of the soldiers and walk the entire camp, noting the position of the enemies.
Use the other to secure the tank, and then hop in. Once you're ready, begin the
assault with a great surprise attack! Don't forget the prisoner in the latrine.
Use the tunnel under the latrine to get out or to get in if you are feeling

8) Outside St. Lo (Platoon HQ)
This one is a lot of fun. Plant your guys in the trenches as soon as possible.
Place soldiers into the American tanks if you can manage it and use them to
brunt the enemy assaults. Each turn you should pop up the guys in the trench,
take a shot and then hit the dirt. Make sure you take out the Germans who are
carrying bazookas quickly. Don't leave any targets for the German armor. Shoot,
duck, throw grenades and survive for 12 turns. Don't neglect your flanks--
the assault will come from the south towards the end of the scenario.

Note: if you have any heavy machine guns, this might be a good time to use them!

An equally effective strategy is to go on the offensive!!:
Radio for 2 artillery strikes immediately and knock out both German tanks.
Otherwise, if you're really brave, knock out the tank on the right and try
to secure the middle German tank and use it to wipe out new German reinforcements
at every turn! Sneak some soldiers into the bombed-out buildings-- the smoke makes
excellent cover and your surprise attacks will knock out waves of reinforcements
with little risk and a shocking efficiency.

9) Cherbourg
This is a cagey mission, requiring you to use your highly developed stealth
skills. Use smoke while crossing open terrain and move through buildings when
you have the option. Starting off you move the squad up towards the Northeast
corner, leapfrogging as you go: the corner building is your target. NOTE: As
you open every door expect enemy units. Use the door on the Eastern side,
proceed with caution going down into the basement. This is where you will find
the prisoner. Part 2. Move your squad towards the North corner, your objective
is to move through the buildings to the docks. Once you have reached the docks
make your way towards the far West dock, this is where you will find the secret
documents guarded by German officers.

10) Paris
Take a metal detector. Your objective is to secure the warehouses by
eliminating any resistance inside. Advance via the middle bridge. NOTE: Stay
on the right hand side of the bridge and have your metal detector on the
soldier in front. When you cross the bridge you must work your way South along
the water edge and split the two buildings. You will have to secure the tank to
the North. Once you have entered the warehouse use the underground tunnel to
access the other warehouse on the far side of the tracks. Watch the rafters
for snipers!

My personal variations: first, let me say that this mission is the finest in
the entire campaign. The number of different approaches which are offered is
a great challenge in decision-making and adds a great deal of flexibility in
this game (I find most war games to be too straightforward and linear).

You can start this mission using any or all of the three bridges:

1)South Bridge (tank bridge)
The tank can be taken out before you cross the river if you have a bazooka, or if you
kill the sniper on top of the south building overlooking the river and take his
Sturmpistole. Crouch behind the stone wall, saving all of your action points for
the following turn, in which you'll crawl onto the bridge and fire one good shot
at the turret... kaboom! You're home free until the next set of buildings...

2)Middle Bridge (land mines)
Sneak to the south bridge and get the metal detector from the dying French resistance
partisan. Then go across the middle bridge, following the exact footsteps as the
soldier carrying the metal detector (or send the soldier with the metal detector along
both paths of the entire bridge). As promised, the mines are your only
obstacle to reaching the other side (and perhaps one German sniper)!

3)North Bridge (heavy resistance)
This one is the most fun! Position your soldiers along the river wall and move them
gradually until you can position at least one on each side of the bridge entrance.
Let the Germans come to you and fire away! After killing three or four soldiers,
you can advance your soldiers, except for one, who should be your top sniper and
who should wait in the park. You will encounter several more Germans, mostly on
rooftops, but your waiting sniper should be able to pick them off while the rest
of your soldiers advance across the bridge and into the rail yard. Using this strategy,
once your patrol has crossed the river, one of your soldiers should secure the first
rooftop and hold it for quite a while to finish off the initial German threat.
After that, you can enter the ammo depot and try to find the tunnel. This is an excellent
and challenging series of staircases, rafters, and many levels.

AMBUSH MISSION #2: Get off the map! Your exit point is the North corner. Skirt
the map to the Southeast, using the rail cars as cover. Lay prone between the
rail cars during German turns... a simple mission, if it weren't for so many

11) Vineyards
You should take two metal detectors on this mission. Line up two groups behind
the soldiers with the metal detectors. Make your way through the vineyard, use
the walls for cover. Make your way to the stone building to the Northwest of
the vineyard. Send two soldiers in to secure this building and use the deck on
the second floor. Cautiously move the rest of your squad to the barn, using
smoke as you go. Pick up the French ally. Enter the stone building next to the
barn, using the Eastern door. Make your way down to the basement. Eliminate the
German presence, be sure to grab the key from the German officer. Follow the
tunnel. The tunnel will drop you behind the church. Use smoke, access the back
doors and secure the church.

12) German Airfield
Blow a hole in the fence, and take cover in the buildings across the road. Use
smoke to cover yourself as you move across the road. Watch out for SS troopers
located by the rail guns and near the transport plane in the middle of the
runway. Beware of the officer in the tower - he's deadly accurate with his
pistol. Remember that walking through snow takes additional AP's.

13) Bridge Over the Rhine
Take the road under cover of smoke. Beware of the minefields, they extend up to
the first set of buildings. You get lots of air support in this mission - use
it soon and often. Use the cover on the bridge to advance and exit on the far

AMBUSH MISSION #3: Yes, you've been ambushed once again!
Cross the river and make for the buildings to the Northeast.
Use smoke as you cross the river. Utilize the buildings as the Germans
attack. Exit the battlefield via the Northwest corner.

14) Dresden
Split up your squad into two groups. Send squad one down the tunnel to the
West, send squad two up out of the tunnel.
Squad one: You will end up in a small equipment room, that has a lot of
explosives, gather up what you can and blow a hole in the locked door with a
Squad two: Make your way behind the wooden building with the Radio tower in
back. Shoot through the fence. Be careful there is a heavy machine gun
emplacement on the other side of the building. As your squads move through,
take every advantage to eliminate the guard towers. Move through the encampment
using smoke and crawling. Destroy all of the V2 rockets. Return to the tunnel
and exit the battlefield. Watch for large numbers of reinforcements arriving
near the tunnel entrances.

15) Near Berlin (Mansion)
Move your squad through the front doors, and up the left side of the stair
way. NOTE: Keep your eyes peeled for enemy reinforcements from across the
room. Move your squad through the door on the left hand side. Have your squad
go through the far two doors on the right. Continue moving Northeast through
the doors and across the patio to the doors on the far side. NOTE: Patios are
in the open, so be careful. This opens up to a large room, go through the door
in the far right corner. Exit the battle field from the Northeast corner.

15) My alternate solution!:
Equip your highest-ranking soldiers with metal detectors. The German General
warns about minefields on either side of the mansion. Have your men with the
metal detectors act as scouts and have the General and a few others (or even
the whole team!) follow in the scout's footsteps exactly, going around the left
side of the building. Before you go around the back corner, throw a smoke
grenade and a fragmentation grenade. There will be a few SS sgt. majors with
automatic weapons either patrolling outside or inside near the back door.
Eliminate any, if necessary, and make sure that the General and your Captain
exit the map immediately. Then, let the rest of the team exit. This is much
easier (although perhaps not as heroic or beautiful)!